A performance that features rebel monkeys, suspended dictators and opera singers with two faces.

Presented at the Brighton Fringe Festival with the support of the Italian Cultural Institute of London.

2013, Brighton Fringe
With Sara Brugnolo, Szczepan Grebosz and Irene Ros.

2014, Edinburgh Fringe
With Sara Barison, Mohsen Ghaffari, Veronika Szabó and Hanna Várszegi.

From an idea of Sara Brugnolo and Irene Ros.

Production by Justine Beaucourt.
Set design by Sara Svati.
Set assistant Eva Terzoni.
Costume consultant Yuliya Krylova.
Light design by Theo Athanasopoulos.
PR by Ann-Marie Baptiste.
Directed by Irene Ros.

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