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Antigone belongs to a primitive world where reason confines with an imaginary reality; where the future can be read in the fires of the sacrifices and in the birds' flights , where the Gods display themselves with thunderbolts and storms, and Nature takes part in the Mortals’ misfortunes.

In this world Antigone opposes the law of love to human's law, and she is defeated. “Great words of prideful men are ever punished with great blows. Wisdom is the supreme part of happiness.”

In loving memory of Gabriella De Giovanni.

Words by Giovanna Lima, inspired by Sophocles’ Antigone.
With Manuela Cuscini, Mariantonia Deghenghi, Gabriella De Giovanni, Catia Giuliani, Giovanna Lima, Annamaria Lusardi, Rita Roatti and Luciana Ungarelli.

Pictures by Nicola Casamassima and Tamara Casula.

Directed by Irene Ros.

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